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PSSA Dates
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School safety is a priority at Donegal. We will practice several different forms of safety drills. Fire evacuation, bus evacuation,...
Donegal Junior High

A parent's best friend for knowing how your child is doing academically!
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You can email us your child's excuse card!
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More than 79 million students carry school backpacks
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The Donegal School district seeks to communicate information to the public concerning our schools and the many achievements of...

In order to secure and protect your belongings while at school, DJH will be supplying each student with their own combination...
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Donegal School District personnel believe there is a definite relationship between good dress habits, work habits, and proper...
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Students will only be allowed to use backpacks to bring instructional related necessities and books to and from school. During...

School Events
•  Ramadan
•  Students/Teacher Holiday (Offices Closed)
•  Memorial Day