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Antebellum Research Module

about 1 month ago

By Ethan Fenger-Petersen

Instead of completing the originally planned research project you will instead be completing a scaled-down version using the library's online research tools and resources.

Below this assignment in the Antebellum folder there is a PDF file with all the guiding questions for the topics. Find your updated topic sheet with guiding questions (press control-F and search by topic to find the page quickly). I do not expect you to research to the extent of what you would have if we were in school and had more time for this. I paired most topics down to just 5 questions. I would expect that for each question you locate a few facts and supporting details that could help answer the question. If you don't know what your topic is please message me.

The first part of this "project" is for you to finish the activity (Research Topic Preview) we were doing on the last day of school (3/13) before the closure. Some of you finished it in class and most of you I think were nearly finished. I now moved this assignment into this folder from the unit 4 folder. Finish this and submit it before working on anything else (Submit assignment>Create tab>Copy & paste your answers from google doc into the window).

Here are the basic requirements for the research activity:

You will primarily be using the Libguide page Mr. Good has assembled for the project to find reputable sources that can answer your questions. If you have checked in multiple sources and still need help locating information please send me a message via Schoology or pop in for a live conference during my office hours for your class. 

1. Use at least 3 sources to answer your guiding questions Overview of Libguide page

  •  If you are taking honors SS next year you must find and use an additional primary source

2. Cite your sources in a new Noodle Tools project:

3. Create a google doc for your basic outline notes. How to set up notes

4. Create a digital product using the information you located (Directions coming)

5. Submit your final product with works cited in this assignment (Directions coming)