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Welcome to 7th Grade computer!

What we’ll be doing:

over 2 years ago

  • Internet Safety
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Scratch

I expect students:

over 2 years ago

  • to be in their seat, quiet, and prepared for class when the bell rings.
  • to have respect:
    • for themselves.
      • do their OWN work.
      • have all their work turned in on a time.
    • for me.
      • follow directions the first time given.
      • to be quiet while I’m talking and during announcements.
    • for others.
      • keep computer area and the rest of the room clean.
      • keep their body and words to themselves.
    • for furniture/equipment.
      • the computers are not their property and therefore the settings should be left as they are.
      • keep food and drink away the computers.
      • to enter/remain only in the computer program assigned for their class (including the Internet).
    • to follow all additional rules in the student handbook. (Read it!!)


over 2 years ago

Comprised of timed writings, techniques, projects, and quizzes.