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Course Description

This course is designed to provide valuable skills and strategies that are used when reading non-fiction text.

Additional Reading Resources

about 1 month ago


Newsela is a great resource for reliable news, reliable sources for research, and for reading for entertainment. 

Actively Learn

I will generally post assignments for students here.  Students can also explore for activities and text.

Library of Congress

This is a great source if you're looking for reliable sources, specifically primary sources.  It's also great for reading about social studies topics.


NASA offers numerous resources for educators that you could easily use at home.  They share videos, tests, and STEM activities.

DJH Library

Don't forget to check out our own DJH Library on your portal.  There is a Distance Learning tab that has resources for you as you work at home.  You can also use the reading tab for links to the databases.

Writing Help

Purdue University has an extensive online writing lab.  You can find the answer to almost any writing, grammar, or citation question on this site.  On the left side of the page you will find suggested resources.  Under suggested resources you will see MLA Guide and Search the OWL.  I find these two pages to be extremely helpful.