School Safety

School safety is a priority at Donegal. We will practice several different forms of safety drills. Fire evacuation, bus evacuation, severe weather drills, and intruder drills. As you know drills must be completed on a regular and routine basis to truly develop the ability to respond quickly and appropriately. We practice our fire drills monthly, our bus evacuations multiple times through out the year, our weather drill in the spring and our intruder drill several times throughout the school year. Please remind your child the importance of following their teacher's directions during drills.

Powerschool and Schoology!

A parent's best friend for knowing how your child is doing academically! Powerschool - Parents now have access to your child's grades in an instant. Login information was sent home, but if you need another copy, just call the office at 717-928-2900.

Schoology - Our school's educational platform that allows parents to view their child's class assignments. Login information is available on our main web page at the top on the right. Sign up now to see what's happening daily.

Student Excuse Card

You can email us your child's excuse card! You may now email your excuse card to school. This ensures that the school receives the irequired absence note from home within the 3 days limit. Please send your excuse to DJH Attendance Office at the following email address:

Backpack Facts: What's All the Flap About?
Publicity Information

The Donegal School district seeks to communicate information to the public concerning our schools and the many achievements of our students. To accomplish this, newsletters are sent to the community, a district calendar is published, the yearbook is completed annually, and information is conveyed to local newspapers and media outlets.

If you do not wish to have your child included in Donegal School District publicity, please complete the attached form and submit to the building secretary.

Locks for Lockers

In order to secure and protect your belongings while at school, DJH will be supplying each student with their own combination lock. Also it is important for students to not share lockers with one another. Each student will be assigned their own locker. Certainly, if you have any questions about this, please contact us.

Dress Code

Donegal School District personnel believe there is a definite relationship between good dress habits, work habits, and proper school behavior. Students are expected to dress in a fashion appropriate for their age and environment. Modesty, cleanliness, safety, and neatness are goals for good dress.

The administration reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of dress. Student dress that disrupts the learning situation will not be permitted.

The Dress Code can be found within our Code of Student Conduct which is available on both the Junior High School and District website.

Backpacks and Textbooks

Students will only be allowed to use backpacks to bring instructional related necessities and books to and from school. During the school day students will NOT be permitted to have backpacks in the hallways or classrooms. Additionally, backpacks on wheels DO NOT fit in the lockers provided. Please use only soft-sided backpacks.

DJHS textbooks and library books used by students belong to the school. The responsibility for their care lies with the student; please identify each text book by writing your name in the space provided on the inside. Any damaged or lost books will be paid for by the students. Lost textbooks should be reported as soon as possible. Students are responsible to have some type of cover placed on all their textbooks.